Thursday, October 16, 2008

A little Reunion

Last night I had the privilege of getting together with a couple of my classmates from my time here in Rome.  They were here for the Diaconate ordinations last week and were still here for a little R&R.  They are both from Little Rock, Arkansas.  On the right is Fr. Jason Tyler on the left is Mr. Matthew Glover, Esq. (I put that in there because he just passed his bar exam!)  Matt decided to leave the seminary before ordination, at the end of our third year.  He went back to pursue a career in the legal profession - and his wife is taking the picture.  I had the great priviledge of going to both Fr. Jason's ordination to the Priesthood as well as Matt and Brooke's wedding.  It really was good to see them again, and to eat at one of the old NAC hang-outs: Scarpone on the Gianiculum Hill

Oh, well, I guess I have to get back to my studies now.  I actually have homework to do!

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