Friday, October 24, 2008

Classroom and Library

Classes are in full swing now so I thought I might give you a glimpse of what our classroom looks like.  For the Second Cycle Canon Law program (J.C.L.) we all meet in one classroom for all our classes.  Unlike most Universities that I know of where the professors have their own classrooms and the students come and go, here at the Gregorian it usually works out that the students have their own classroom and the professors come and go.  This makes breaks in between classes nice because you can just leave your stuff spread out on the desk and not have to pack things up every hour.  On the other hand, being in the same room sometimes gets a bit tedious!  

Here we have Fr. Hilbert our Dean about to introduce Fr. Visioli a new professor on the faculty:

I also included this picture because if you look closely on the right you can see one of the nuns that we have in class - she happens to be a Bridgitine Sister.  You can tell because of their distinctive habit:  notice the 'crown' on her veil.  The crown has marking on it to signify the five wounds of Christ on the Cross.  There are all sorts of little things like that that make studying at a Pontifical University fascinating!  When you walk through the halls you see all sorts of habits and clothing from around the world - its very colorful.  There is the black of the secular clergy, the brown of the Fransicans, the Black and White of the Cistersians, the white of the Dominicans, the blue of an order of sisters from Africa (whose name I can't recall because we just always called them the 'blue sisters':) and many others.  

Below is a picture of the reading room of the Library.  I used to love going up into the bookstacks and reading when I was here before:

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