Monday, October 13, 2008

Brother Benedict's Ordination

You may remember the post I made about the Catholic Moment:  A Catholic Moment

Well, I was able to go back up to Norcia over this past weekend for Brother, now Father Benedict's priestly ordination.  There were quite a few concelebrants among them are the ones shown below in the picture:

Fr. Joseph Carola S.J. (on the right) was my Patristics Professor (patristics is the study of the fathers of the church, Augustine, Justin Martyr, Ignatius of Antioch, Ireneus of Lyons, etc.) when I was here doing my first cycle of studies; a great priest and a great teacher! It was wonderful to reconnect with him.

The church is universal and sometimes very colorful as evidenced by the Canons Regular of Klosterneuburg in Austria in their choir dress.
Fr. Elias (on the left) lives at the Casa Santa Maria with me.

After the ordination, Fr. Benedict gave the customary first blessing:

It was really a wonderful day for all.  Though on the walk to the Pranzo I sprained my ankle - it is healing now but it gave me a shock!

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