Monday, October 13, 2008

First Day of Class

Just a little post to keep everyone informed:
In case you were wondering, "When is this guy ever going to start class?"  You will be happy to know that today, October 13, 2008, I officially started class!  We just had a simple day of introductions, a methodology class and of course Latin! (which I will be taking till the day I die)  The code of canon law is written in latin and so it is the latin text which is in effect and must be known upwards and downwards in its original language! Another layer of this reality is that all the course work that focuses on the latin language of the code is taught in Italian!!!

Not to worry.  I think I will make it though:)  I am pleasantly surprised at how well the transition has been.  Coming back after a hiatus isn't as bad as starting something new for the first time.  So I have been able to ease myself back into the Roman environment and language well enough and I look forward to the year.  

Here is a nice shot of the front entrance to the Gregorian University:

Oremus pro Invicem

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