Thursday, October 9, 2008

Diaconal Ordination at St. Peter's and dinner following

I just got back from the diaconal ordination for the North American College (seminary division).  25 men from around the U.S.A. were ordained as transitional deacons.  This is the event that everyone looks forward to as they prepare themselves for priestly ministry.  The Diaconate is where the promises of the liturgy of the hours, obedience and celibacy are made. An awesome and radical commitement to follow Christ and to become a coworker in the apostolic ministry of proclaiming the word.  It was held in St. Peter's Basilica at the Altar of the Chair:

I don't have pictures of the ordination because I thought it would be rude and irreverent for me to take my camera out during the liturgy.  I will post some pictures when they have the official ones up on the pnac website.  Until then you can probably see last years pictures on

But I did take a few pictures of the cena and gelato that followed:

Myself and a good Holy Cross father (we both had the Caprese)

After a long and very beautifully celebrated ordination there is nothing like a great meal (some grappa) and a little gelato to round it all off!  Good times!

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Patti said...

Hi Fr. David!

Here it is 1:26 AM on Saturday morning (don't ask me why I'm still awake) and I am checking out your "blog". WOW! How interesting and VERY exciting. It is great to see Rome through your eyes. Your pictures are fabulous and I love your comments and explainations. It almost makes me feel as though I am there! I hope you realize how fortunate you are to be able to go back to Rome for your studies. You have had such wonderful experiences in your life and I thank you for sharing these with us. We sure miss you here in Chattanooga, and we are all praying hard for you and your saftey, expecially when you ride on one of those motorini thingy's! Please continue to keep us posted on your activities, as I personally find them VERY interesting. Dave, Tanner, and I will be thinking about you tonight as we celebrate St. Jude's 50th anniversary. Please keep us in your prayers as well and stay safe!

Patti Wilkey

P.S. I just realized it it only 10:35 PM there on Friday night. Weird!