Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cool Fall Weather

Well, the weather is finally starting to turn cool.  It is about time, because last week it was wet and muggy from all the rain.  This week marks a sharp down turn in the temperature.  The weather in Rome never gets too cold and it hardly ever snows.  But it is always nice to have the semblance of a change of seasons.  I sure do miss the fall colors back home (I am guessing that they are almost gone by now:-(

Anyway, classes are still going well and there is still lots of reading to be done.  That's why there haven't been many posts lately.  But I did take one picture of the interior of the Gregorian Universtiy where I study and thought I would share that with you:

My classes are on the upper floor (which in Italian is the 1st floor - the 1st floor American being called the Ground Floor)

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